Points, miles, and snide remarks.


Update: Air Canada Fires Suspended Pilot Involved in Anti-Semitic Posts

In a significant development following our previous report, Air Canada has made an official statement confirming the termination of the pilot involved in the disturbing incident. The airline previously suspended Mostafa Ezzo, a first officer, earlier this week after a series of anti-Semitic posts surfaced on a now-deleted Instagram account associated with him. The posts, which depicted Ezzo in his pilot’s uniform draped in a Palestinian flag, included deeply offensive statements directed at Israel and its people.

While Air Canada initiated an internal investigation process following the suspension, they understandably refrained from commenting on the specifics of their internal HR procedures. However, the airline has now concluded that process and officially announced in a statement on X (formerly Twitter) the termination of the pilot’s employment with Air Canada.

The timing of Ezzo’s hateful online outbursts had raised concerns, coinciding with escalating tensions in the Middle East, notably a surprise attack on Israeli soil. The attack resulted in the loss of numerous lives and others taken hostage, including Israelis and tourists. In response to these events, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war.

The airline unequivocally recognized the gravity of the situation and responded promptly by suspending Ezzo from service, sending a clear message that there is no place for anti-Semitism or any form of racially or religiously motivated hatred within the airline’s ranks. This is especially crucial during a period of heightened global tensions, and serves as a stark reminder that there can be no compromise when it comes to the trust placed in those who operate commercial aircraft.