Points, miles, and snide remarks.


That MF is On… The Blaze? Alex Stein “Proposes” to Tiffany Gomas in Network Appearance; Gomas Reveals Ban

Many of us remember back in July when Tiffany Gomas had her outburst on an American Airlines flight out of DFW to Orlando (MCO). Well, Gomas is back at it, this time on… Glenn Beck’s The Blaze? Oh, and she’s apparently banned from AA, too.

Gomas appeared on Prime Time with Alex Stein, and we’ll just let these video clips speak for themselves.

Alex Stein, also known as Prime Time #99, is an interesting character. He’s a right-wing comedian, based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Stein rose to fame (infamy?) by trolling city council meetings, originally around the Metroplex and eventually around the country. Usually citizens are entitled to a set number of minutes to speak before a city council, and Stein would use his alotted time to perform politically-charged raps.

Gomas conveniently also resides in the DFW area, having graduated from my alma mater, Oklahoma State. Assuming her degree is in Marketing, that would mean we both attended the Spears School of Business, and we likely had the same grouchy old Marketing professor at some point (this man also taught Garth Brooks).

If you must, you can watch all 66 minutes of the episode in its full glory on YouTube.