Points, miles, and snide remarks.


Eww: Delta Passenger Cooks Shrimp and Potatoes à la Lavatory

Some people take the concept of “cooking on the go” to a whole new level, and it’s not exactly a Michelin-starred affair. Remember the guy who cooked baby back ribs in a hotel bathroom? Well, he’s back at it, and this time, it involves garlic shrimp and instant mashed potatoes at 30,000 feet. You know, the ideal setting for a preparing a gourmet meal.

In a video that redefines the term “terrible idea,” a culinary pioneer with the TikTok handle @barfly7777 showcases his skills in the art of airplane lavatory cooking. After his previous hotel bathroom stunt, he decided to elevate his game by taking his talents to the skies.

The video begins with our protagonist boldly declaring his intention to embark on this culinary adventure. He navigates the TSA checkpoint, fully aware that his battery-powered setup might raise a few eyebrows. No worries, though, as he proceeds to the lavatory of his Delta Air Lines flight, armed with a 6-volt battery pack that, at least on the surface, appears more fitting for jumpstarting a car.

Once inside the lavatory, he unveils his cooking apparatus, connecting it to a makeshift power source resembling a cigarette lighter. Forget airplane etiquette; this maverick chef powers up the lavatory sink, utilizing the diaper changing table as a makeshift kitchen counter. Yuck!

As he submerges raw shrimp into the sink water, you can’t help but question the life choices that led this man to attempt this. The climax of this culinary saga involves the addition of instant mashed potatoes to the shrimp-infused water, resulting in a barf bag of garlic mashed potato-coated shrimp. Seems you might be needing that barf bag later, sir.

Now, I’m no culinary expert, but I can’t help but cringe at the thought of consuming anything concocted in the unsanitary confines of an airplane lavatory sink. Bravo to this man with the iron stomach, but for the rest of us, the inflight meal options seem a tad more appetizing.

And a quick word of advice – while @barfly7777 might have discovered the secret to lavatory haute cuisine, it’s probably best not to attempt such feats at home or inflight. Safety concerns, anyone? The last thing you’d want is a fire breaking out at FL370 due to an impromptu kitchen experiment. Stick to the peanuts and pretzels, folks. Bon appétit… I guess.