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From Guest of Honor to Milestone Rewards: Hyatt’s Loyalty Game-Changers

Hyatt is ushering in changes to its World of Hyatt loyalty program in 2024, and the overall outlook appears positive for most of us. The alterations touch on various aspects, offering members increased flexibility and added benefits without significant devaluation. Here’s a breakdown of the key modifications:

Guest Of Honor Becomes a Milestone Reward

One notable change is the transformation of the Guest of Honor benefit. Formerly an unlimited Globalist perk, it will now function as a Milestone Reward. This means members can enjoy the privileges of extending their status to friends or family after accumulating a set number of nights. The initial milestone is reached at 40 nights, making the feature accessible even before achieving Globalist status at 60 nights.

The Guest of Honor credits are applicable to both paid and award stays, broadening the scope of its utility. Additionally, when gifting this benefit to others, the giver earns an elite qualifying night upon the completion of the recipient’s stay. While the move introduces some limits on usage, the overall flexibility and transferability of the benefit have increased.

Expanded Choices Every 10 Elite Nights

Hyatt is enhancing its Milestone Rewards, extending benefits every 10 elite nights up to 150 nights. This change provides members with more options to tailor their rewards based on their preferences. Notably, this expansion presents a compelling incentive for elite members, giving them the flexibility to choose benefits that align with their travel patterns and priorities.

More Suite Upgrades Available Earlier

The suite upgrade landscape is also evolving, with more suite upgrades available starting at 40 nights and continuing up to 150 nights. This adjustment allows members staying 60 nights, for instance, to enjoy five confirmed suites instead of the previous four. Importantly, these suite upgrades become transferable, offering members greater flexibility in how they utilize this valuable benefit.

Easily Gifted Awards

A significant shift in Hyatt’s approach is the increased transferability of awards. Virtually all Hyatt awards, including free night awards, club access, suite upgrades, and Guest of Honor awards, can be easily gifted to others. This added flexibility enables members to share their rewards with friends or family, enhancing the overall value of the program.

Meetings, Events, and Small Business Stays Earn Elite Nights

Hyatt introduces changes to how elite nights are earned through meetings, events, and small business stays. The new program allows meeting planners, travel advisors, and small business program administrators to earn 2 qualifying nights for every $5,000 spent, up to 60 elite nights per year. This initiative provides additional opportunities for various stakeholders to accrue elite status credits.

Hyatt’s Continued Evolution and Future Outlook

The integration of Mr. and Mrs. Smith into the program adds a new dimension to Hyatt’s offerings. While specific details are yet to unfold, the move signifies a strategic expansion of Hyatt’s portfolio with carefully selected properties.

The changes to the World of Hyatt loyalty program for 2024 bring a mix of positive enhancements. While some limits have been introduced, the overall trend is one of increased flexibility and additional choices for members. The program’s focus on maintaining a valuable and differentiated experience for members reflects Hyatt’s commitment to standing out in the competitive loyalty landscape. As Hyatt continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how these changes will resonate with its diverse membership base.

You can view the full press release here.