Points, miles, and snide remarks.


Reports: Centurion Lounge in MIA Closed Until at Least Midweek

Multiple reports are streaming in, and it’s not the kind of news AmEx Platinum cardholders passing through Miami International Airport (MIA) were hoping for. The Centurion Lounge is officially on hiatus, and the cause? A rather mysterious “plumbing issue.” The initial rumors suggest “at least three days” of downtime, but for those familiar with MIA’s track record (see also: indefinite closure of the SkyTrain), getting that lounge back in action in just 72 hours seems incredibly optimistic.

A post surfaced in a private Facebook group showcasing AmEx-branded “happy meal” style boxes of to-go food being handed out to cardmembers. We’d share that photo here, but the initial uploader of this discovery hasn’t yet responded to our request to use their photo. Curious minds might wonder: does AmEx have a secret stash of these kits ready for deployment in case of unforeseen lounge disruptions?

While we await more information and clarity on the mysterious “plumbing issue,” we invite those on the ground at MIA to keep us in the loop. Feel free to use the contact form and send us any firsthand accounts of the situation, or DM us on the “platform formerly known as Twitter” @PointsAndPDBs.