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Fowl Play: AA Passenger Brings Dead Bird as Carry-On; Contents Leak in Cabin

So, you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to bizarre incidents during flights? Well, buckle up, because this one might shock even the most seasoned flyer (and we know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two). A recent Reddit post on the r/americanairlines community shared an eyebrow-raising tale that’ll have you questioning your fellow passengers’ sanity – or at least their understanding of acceptable carry-on items.

User BackNBlack58 took to the internet with a public service announcement that’s as absurd as it is cautionary: “PSA dont bring dead animals in a cooler in your carry-on.” Yes, you read that right. Someone apparently did just that on a recent American Airlines flight. Eww!

According to the post, a flight had to make an unexpected U-turn on the tarmac due to the presence of a cooler housing a deceased bird. Not only did the bird-in-a-box cause a mid-air spectacle, but it also managed to turn the overhead compartment into a scene from a particularly strange horror movie. The cooler’s contents spilled out, prompting the pilot to declare it a biohazard (subsequently causing the pilot to be awarded the title of “Captain Obvious”).

Of course, the internet being the internet, one witty commenter couldn’t resist adding a dash of humor to the situation. User bbphrog63 chimed in with a quip, saying, “Guess they misunderstood carrion luggage.” Well played, bbphrog63, well played.

Now, for those of you questioning the legality of transporting deceased creatures through the friendly skies, the truth might surprise you. Believe it or not, according to TSA regualations, it’s generally permissible to bring dead animals on a plane. However, the key here is a little thing called common courtesy – and airline rules, too.

Sure, the regulations might give you the green light, but that doesn’t mean you should start packing your carry-on cooler with that roadkill you found on the highway or anything that might unleash itself mid-flight. The intent of the TSA allowing this is, for example, the transportation of cremated pet remains, or frozen animals (we’d suggest making sure it’s cold enough to remain frozen throughout your entire journey, and taking a nonstop flight). Let’s keep it real, folks – a little consideration for your fellow passengers goes a long way. And while the TSA may not stop you from bringing a deceased animal on your flight, your airline still has the final say here, so you should always discuss your situation with them prior to showing up at the airport with a cooler.

So, the next time you’re contemplating bringing your hunting trophy on board, remember the tale of the ill-fated bird cooler, and maybe pick a container that seals a little bit tighter than a MAX 9 fuselage (or just consider driving to your destination if possible). Because in the grand scheme of air travel, we could all use a bit less drama and a lot more common sense. Until then, happy flying, and may your overhead compartments remain critter-free.

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