Points, miles, and snide remarks.


American Airlines Extends Admirals Club Access for JetBlue Flyers Amid Alliance Breakup

In the ever-evolving world of airline alliances and partnerships, it’s not uncommon to see relationships come and go. And while the breakup between American Airlines and JetBlue has been in the headlines for quite some time now, there’s a little nugget of good news for those of you who enjoy the perks of Admirals Club membership.

First things first, if you’ve been living under a rock, you might not have heard that American Airlines and JetBlue are parting ways, thanks to a judge’s order that’s been on the books for a while. This Northeast Alliance divorce has been the talk of the town, but as they say, life goes on.

Now, here’s where the good news comes in. American Airlines recently dropped an email bombshell, and it’s a classy move on their part. They’re letting their loyal Admirals Club members know that despite the turbulence in their partnership with JetBlue, they’re not leaving you high and dry. At least, not for a few more months.

As of now, if you’re an Admirals Club member, you can still enjoy access to the Admirals Club lounges when you’re flying with JetBlue. American Airlines is keeping the doors open to their lounges for members ticketed on JetBlue-operated flights until January 31, 2024. So, if you’ve got some JetBlue flights on the horizon, you can still kick back and relax in the Admirals Club before your journey takes off.

After that January 2024 deadline, you’ll need a boarding pass for a same-day flight on an eligible route to access the Admirals Club. What’s an eligible flight, you ask? Well, it includes any departing or arriving flight that’s either marketed or operated by American Airlines or any oneworld® airline. This isn’t exactly unexpected, and simply represents a return to the rules in place before the Northeast Alliance was announced in 2021. So, if you’re planning on traveling after that date, be sure you’re flying AA or one of their remaining alliance partners if you’re planning on stopping by the Admirals Club.

In the world of airline partnerships and alliances, things can change faster than you can say “in-flight snack.” But for now, kudos to American Airlines for extending this courtesy to their Admirals Club members during this transitional period. It’s a nod to the loyalty of their passengers, and it’s always nice to see a little extra hospitality in the air.

So, there you have it, folks. The AA-JetBlue breakup might be old news to most of you, but the Admirals Club access extension is a fresh reminder that even in the world of aviation, there can still be some pleasant surprises. Safe travels and enjoy those lounges while you can!