Points, miles, and snide remarks.


Hyatt’s Q4 Bonus Journeys Promo: A Mild Offer for a Busy Travel Season

If you’re a loyal Hyatt enthusiast, you’ve probably got your sights set on their latest promotion, the Q4 Bonus Journeys. As the year winds down, Hyatt is offering a chance to score some extra points for your stays. Let’s dive into the details and see if this promo is worth your while.

The Basics: Earn 3,000 Bonus Points for Every 3 Nights

From October 6 to November 30, 2023, Hyatt is running the Q4 Bonus Journeys promotion. The concept is simple: for every three nights you stay at a participating Hyatt property, you’ll pocket an extra 3,000 bonus points. It’s a straightforward offer that can add some extra points to your World of Hyatt account.

Extra Perks for Cardholders

Now, if you’re a World of Hyatt cardmember, whether you have a personal or business card, there’s an added layer of icing on the cake. You can potentially snag an additional 1,000 bonus points for every three nights stayed at select properties. Crunch the numbers, and you could be looking at a grand total of 1,333 points per night if you max out the promo.

Registration and Stay Details

Before you rush off to book your Hyatt stays, remember that registration is mandatory. Make sure you sign up between September 12 and November 10, 2023. Bonus points will be earned on stays with checkout dates between October 6 and November 30, 2023. So, even if you don’t currently plan to take advantage of this offer, there’s no penalty for registering. We recommend everyone go ahead and register—you never know when your travel plans might align with the promotion.

Where Can You Earn?

Now, let’s talk about where you can cash in on this bonus bonanza. The main promotion covers stays at all Hyatt properties, including Small Luxury Hotels of the World locations and Lindblad Expeditions in Europe, when you book direct with Hyatt. However, the credit card promotion, with its extra 1,000 points, is only available at select properties. So, make sure to check the fine print.

Pre-booked & Award Stays Count

Good news for all Hyatt aficionados out there: every stay counts. Whether you booked directly with Hyatt, even before the promo started, or enjoyed an award stay, you’re in the game. The catch? Your check-out dates must fall between October 6 and November 30, 2023.

Maximum Points and Room Limit

Now, how much can you really rack up with this promotion? Well, the ceiling is set at 21,000 World of Hyatt bonus points on the base promotion, and 7,000 bonus points on the credit card promotion, for a maximum of 28,000 points. That’s good for a standard night at a Category 6 property, or up to 8 off-peak nights at Category 1 properties. To hit that milestone, you’d need to spend 21 nights at eligible hotels. Keep in mind, though, that only one room can qualify per stay. So, while you can earn points for multiple rooms, the bonus points are based on a single room.

Final Thoughts

In the grand scheme of things, the Q4 Bonus Journeys promo might not set the world on fire. It’s not the most dazzling offer we’ve seen from Hyatt, especially when compared to previous years. However, it’s essential to remember that the travel industry is on a rocket ship right now, with demand at all-time highs. So, maybe Hyatt doesn’t need to pull out all the stops to lure travelers.

Nonetheless, in a world where every point counts, this promo is still a welcome addition for loyal Hyatt fans. It might not be the most extravagant offer, but it’s certainly better than nothing. So, if you’ve got some Hyatt stays planned for the Q4 period, be sure to register and make the most of those bonus points. Happy travels!